Top ways to carry off your denim jacket in style

Top ways to carry off your denim jacket in style

Denim jacket once used to be the most reliable item of men's clothing. A transition took place, and it took time for the transition to take place. The denim jacket has now become the most sought-after item in men's dress codes.

The conventional school of thought is that a denim jacket goes well with a pair of jeans. But, there is more to it, as we will see in this article.

In a few of the seasons each year, owning a denim jacket is indispensable. The apparel keeps one stylish and comfortable, both at the same time.

At times, people like to wear a denim jacket over their T-shirts and under their overcoat. The likelihood of staying comfortable during winters hence increases.

Let us take a look at a few of the top ways in which a denim jacket works for one’s wardrobe.

  1. With chinos -
    Chinos go well with a denim jacket. Chino is a versatile piece of garment. It has abundant formal features, such as a tab closure, creases, and pleats. But, the casual element is also remarkable.

    Chinos are associated with twill fabric, which defense forces used to wear. Wearing chinos brings a piece of history to your presentation, and chinos should be worn with a denim jacket. You could team a pair of khaki chinos with a blue denim jacket, but it is up to you.
  2. With a white t-shirt - 

    Wearing a denim jacket with a white T-shirt and a pair of jeans is a classic look associated with bikers. While being crisp, the look is fuss-free.

    Herein, finding the perfect white tee holds the key to your look. We'd be looking for something that's not too slim, baggy, or dressy. Ultimately, a denim jacket can be worn over just about any type of shirt. A full-sleeved button-down shirt will fit the bill on any day. There are some attractive ways of carrying out the outfit that never fail to impress.

  3. With black jeans -

    Double denim becomes doubly good when different shades of denim are used for either of the items, jeans and denim jacket. Justin Timberlake immortalized the style of wearing black jeans with blue denim jackets. Other color combinations are also available in the selection, but blue and black are an alternative that is hard to beat.

    Grey jeans with a denim jacket also stand a good chance at amounting for a flawless appearance for the wearer. But one has to mix and match. If it works for you, it is sure to look great.

  4. With a shirt and tie

    Fusion dressing was normalized around three decades back, and stays trendy to date, the convenience factor notwithstanding. The term Friday dressing made it to the annals of the history of fashion.

    A denim jacket goes well when worn atop a tailored shirt and a pair of pants, alongside a knitted or a silken tie. One obviously has a choice at replacing the tailored pants with a pair of chinos or khakis.