Crafting Style, Defining Trends

Discover the epitome of fashion and craftsmanship at Strop – where style meets substance. Founded by Mr. Arora, whose journey from the international tourism industry to leather garment innovation defines the brand's dynamic spirit. Intricately blending natural elements with cutting-edge fashion, Strop offers a curated collection that reflects a commitment to quality, innovation, and international standards. From suede vest coats for H & M to collaborating with global brands like ZARA, SCOTCH & SODA, and more, Strop has evolved into a trendsetter. Explore our diverse range of leather garments, thoughtfully designed and meticulously crafted. Join us on a journey of timeless style and unmatched elegance. Strop - Redefining Fashion, One Stitch at a Time.

Inder Arora

Founder & CEO

Mr. Arora, an ex-international tourism professional from 1984 to 1990, transitioned into the fashion industry, focusing on leather garments. Fascinated by fashion, his first order was suede vest coats for H & M. Intrigued and inquisitive, he embraced new product ventures, emphasizing the natural aspects of leather.

During his journey in leather garments, he connected with Dr. Kebschule, Chairman of INDO GERMAN EXPORT PROMOTION, New Delhi. This collaboration between the governments of Germany and India aimed at training entrepreneurs to meet international quality standards. Mr. Arora underwent training in Neuss, Germany, under KSA consultants, learning garment stitching techniques with machines like JUKI LH 1182. In 1992, he initiated leather garment stitching in a Malviya Nagar basement.

Further delving into leather production, in 1995, he imported wet blue leather skins and processed them in a Bahadurgarh Haryana tannery. This provided strength and a platform to promote high-quality global skins processed in India, offering a competitive edge. Building on this success, he secured customers like ZARA, SCOTCH & SODA, PEEK & CLOPENBURG, ETAM 123, GYPSY, MILESTONE, OAKWOOD, BROOK BROS, and DIESEL.

The diversity of customers led to a mix of products, incorporating accessories from China, Italy, and Turkey. This innovative approach resulted in garments with varied fabrics, furs, knits, and washing techniques.

The Creative Heads

Smriti & Nitin

Smriti Arora Rupani:

As a key member of the Strop team, Smriti plays a pivotal role in steering the brand towards new heights. Her fresh perspective, combined with a keen understanding of evolving fashion trends, contributes to the brand's ability to stay ahead of the curve. Smriti's dedication to innovation and style ensures that Strop continues to redefine fashion with every collection.

Nitin Arora:

Nitin, another integral part of the Strop team, represents the vigor and dynamism of the younger generation. His innovative approach and creative insights inject a contemporary flair into Strop's offerings. Nitin's involvement in the design and trend-setting processes underscores the brand's commitment to staying at the forefront of the ever-changing fashion landscape.

Creating Network of Wholesalers, Franchise:

Strop is committed to expanding its reach by creating a robust network of wholesalers and franchise partners, offering opportunities to be part of a fashion-forward journey.

Corporate Clients & Exports:

Strop proudly serves corporate clients like SPENCER, ANGEL ROCCA, MADAME, and engages in exports, showcasing the brand's global reach.

Explore the world of Strop – where craftsmanship meets innovation, and style is redefined with every stitch.