Wanna hear a story?

Either way, you’re in for one. Therefore, grab your coffee, make yourself comfy and indulge.
Let us take you back in time, when a globetrotter in the Tourism Industry traveled far and wide, scaling skies and seas, only to find himself irrevocably fascinated and moved by… the fashion trends worldwide, thus venturing into a textile business of his own.

What’s the weather? Leather!
He developed a keen interest for leather. His first order was of suede vest coats to H&M. But if only his inquisitive nature allowed him to stop at that. With leather being the main product, he tried a hand at selling new products, too.

You know what they say: Study the Trade or Watch it Fade
As the journey started in leather garments, he met Dr. Kebschule who was Chairman Indo-German Export Promotion, New Delhi. This was a venture between the government of Federal Republic of Germany & India, wherein, they were training young entrepreneurs to process apparels on the International quality level standards, and as a part of this training he was based in Neuss, Germany, under KSA consultants, for know how. He learnt all about how to stitch a garment, with what to stitch a garment, and everything necessary to stitch a garment.

Onwards and Upwards: Inception and Expansion
On completing this training, he started with 10 machines of JUKI, LH 1182, double needle machines and 20 single needle, lockstitch with automatic thread trimmer machines, way back in 1992 from a basement in Malviya Nagar New Delhi.

 This marked the inception of stitching of leather garments. Succumbing to his nature of exploring new always, he went further back in the making of leather, thus in 1995 he started importing wet blue leather skins and processed it in the tannery at Bahadurgarh Haryana, which added more beef and a platform to promote finest skins of the globe processed in India, thereby giving it a price edge. From thereon the way was only upwards; adding to the portfolio, customers like ZARA, SCOTCH & SODA, PEEK & CLOPPENBURG, ETAM 123, GYPSY, MILESTONE, OAKWOOD, BROOK BROS, DIESEL, among others. As the destiny be, all the customers to whom leather garments were being sold were big baskets of products and footsteps of accessories procurement from China, Italy and Turkey. Hence, the majority of garments had a vast array and a mix and match of varied fabrics, furs, knits, washing etc.

Challenges & Overcoming
Like every great story, this one had its fair share of challenges too. And like every great story, the overcoming of it, is no less than heroic and gallant.

With the worldwide awareness around Animal Cruelty by PETA & global weather changing, the demand for leather garments started declining.

Meanwhile in India, with the size of population being 1.3 billion, online selling became an ever-growing and adopted phenomenon. Therefore, he initially listed leather jackets at JABONG under our brand STROP, which gave him a stepping stone into the Indian Market. He then started producing for inhouse brands of LIFESTYLE, GIOVANNI, KOOVS, etc.

Within these 4 years, he is producing in Indian market and also birthed his in-grown brands i.e. STROP & MANSAR.

Today the companies are listed at MYNTRA, AJIO, B2B, FLIPKART and also is selling through four MBOS.

Taking a leaf from the book of PEEK & CLOPPENBURG , Strop has started two of its own stores—one at Omaxe mall, Sohna road, Gurgaon Haryana and one at the factory outlet at Udyog Vihar, Gurgaon wherein he is selling STROP, MANSAR and similar products from other repute brands.

This man is Mr. Arora as you know him now—the proud owner of Strop, which is a Semi-Casual apparel brand, going places.

Way Forward
He is now looking forward to appointing franchisees, expanding stores at Tier 2 & 3 cities, selling through distributors. Exports however remain a strength, thus he looks forward to exporting our brands or other brands for midsize retail brands on his newly developed website at SHOPIFY.



So here was the story of the past. Started from rags and now we’re the riches. Rich in Concept, that is (You know what we mean, right? *wink wink* Yeah? No? Okay :P).

If you’ve to zero in on one takeaway for the brand from the story, take away this:

Strop is not a brand. It is a concept.

It is the story of blood, sweat, tears (not exactly) but more importantly, the passion that one shares for fashion.

It is your one-stop shop (Strop) for all your semi-casual lfashion needs.

It is a feeling. A shadow encompassing the world’s love for fashion.

A story of a relentless pursuit of one's dreams, whatever they might be.